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Big Island Volcano Adventure From Hilo
Big Island Volcanoes and actual lava flows
This narrated motorcoach tour volcano excursion features a hike over the lava flow that covered the village of Kalapana and the famous Kaimu black sand beach in the 1980's before continuing on to majestic Rainbow Falls.
Duration: Approximately 10 Hours
Starts: Tour departs from your hotel at approximately 8:00 AM.
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Big Island Volcano Adventure

The Big Island Volcano Adventure from Hilo is the perfect way to see the various volcanoes near and around Hawaii Island. These volcanoes are awe inspiring and this adventure tour is designed for the volcano enthusiast to get the best views and gain the most information about these amazing natural wonders.

After departing from the Hilo airport, the tour will make way to Volcanoes National Park. Recent volcanic activity has caught the world's attention many travelers look forward to this opportunity to get close-up views of Kilauea Volcano.

Our Big Island Volcano Adventure from Hilo is fully guided and expert narration will be provided as you hike over and explore the lava flows that once covered the Kalapana village in the Hawaii Island.

This tour also explores Kaimu black sand beach. Here, see the slopes of the volcanoes at the Volcanoes National Park and often, see the steam or the lava flowing towards the sea from surface lava flow.

In the Volcanoes National Park, you get to see:

Before the tour ends, visit the Rainbow Falls and view the sun reflections on the water creating beautiful rainbows. There are many exotic blooms like anthurium and orchids at the local nursery as well.

Don't miss this incredible experience to see some of the most intriguing natural wonders on the Big Island Volcano Adventure from Hilo! Lave Fields are a popular attraction